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Raid Amazons 2018

Raid Amazons 2018

Raid Amazons is a Multi-Sport adventure event exclusive for daring adventurous females which has become a hall mark international event in tourism destinations. A large number of teams in smaller groups take part in a massive adventure challenge such as Orienteering, Mountain Biking, Canoeing, Riding, Running, Archery, Treasure Hunting etc in the competition to test the survival of the fittest.

Event runs through a period of 6 days enabling participants to go through a rigorous work out as well as witness, enjoy and experience different aspects of the country where ever the event is held.

Many countries bid for this event for obvious reason of the publicity that it generates worldwide as a tourist destination for visitors from Europe.

Up to now Raid Amazones has completed 17 editions. The event takes place annually in a specially selected country which comes forward to offer locations with facilities. The 1st Event was held in Guyana in 2001 and the 17th edition took take place in Cambodia.

Sri Lanka was fortunate to hold this event twice in 2004 and again in 2009 with participation of over 225 and 138 Female Adventurers respectively.

Sri Lanka is looking forward to hosting this event in 2018 the 1st edition & 2019 the 2nd Edition which is timely in the efforts of repositioning the country as a upmarket tourist destination.

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